This is a place
for wet clothes from dancing in the rain,
and boundless laughter on the beach.
It's also for ketchup stains
'cause you know the bride deserved that hamburger.
It's the line right between
luxury and utter carelessness,
the authored story for those

who go against the grain

For the mad + Messy lovers

I love how 
she sees photography as an art and uses it as a way to let her clients express themselves

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Hi, I'm alyks.
Picking a photographer for your luxury wedding can be a challenge in and of itself, and I am honored you've decided to consider me. With a fearless approach to photography, I'm a hybrid, mixed-media photographer, who blends film and digital with unconventional techniques and materials to create a unique and personalized portfolio for each individual couple. I strongly believe in hand-crafting every image, making every photograph a stand-alone masterpiece and yet a piece of a story that retells your love in a timeless and fashionable manner. If you think we're a good match and want to learn more about my process, click the link below.

the photographer:

alyks linerud

crafting one-of-a-kind masterpieces for one-of-a-kind couples


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Against the Grain

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